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Debt Collection Compliance

The firm has extensive experience in advising debt collection and debt purchasing entities with the myriad of state and federal laws and regulations necessary to operate a compliant debt collection business. The firm focuses its debt collection industry compliance to the particular needs of the client. While many common challenges exist, the firm is able to tailor its compliance counsel toward the particular needs facing each sector of the collection industry.

Chad Echols is recognized as an authority on the laws and regulations governing credit and collection practices. Chad’s focus on the industry helps companies better understand the law, deter ongoing violations, and lessens legal expenses in the long term.

The collection industry faces more scrutiny, litigation, regulation, and legislation than ever before. The Echols Firm can help your company ensure that each account representative is cognizant of the laws that govern the industry. A compliant debt collection company is much more likely to enjoy longevity in the industry.