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New Colorado AG Website Prompts Mandatory Revisions to Collection Notices

Colorado Updated the Website Address Required on all Debt Collection Notices

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office announced in a recent e-mail sent to Colorado licensees that the website address required to be listed on all initial debt collection communications has been updated.

Collection agencies should immediately update initial notices sent to Colorado consumers so that the state-specific disclosure on the letters lists the correct website address.   Initial notices must be updated to the following text:


Strikingly, the text of the Colorado statute requiring the disclosure has not been amended and still currently lists the old website address for the Attorney General’s office. However, be advised that the statute specifically stipulates, “if the web site address is changed, the notification shall be corrected to contain the correct address.”

Along with the new website address, the Attorney General’s Office also announced that all Office email addresses now coincide with the new website and end in, to include the  main licensing and registration email address, which is now listed as: (note the change from “cab” to “car”).  The old email addresses will only reroute to the new system for a limited time, so it highly recommended that you update your records now to ensure proper delivery of any emails sent to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office in the future.